Monday, November 29, 2010

Penis Enlargement Methods

If you are a guy then chances are you would like to know a few penis enlargement methods to increase your manhood. this is just the way guys are and is actually pretty normal. Here I will give you the top 3 penis enlargement methods that you can use to help you and your partners feel better about yourself.

1. Penis exercises.
  Penis exercises have been around forever. There are many different ones you can do and the best part is that they are all free! The number one exercise is call jelqing. This has been around for literally thousands of years ancient Arabic times. To preform this exercise you will need some sort of water-based lubricate. Place your thumb and pointer finger together at the base of the penis and simply move your fingers up the penis to the top of the head. Do not go pass the head when performing this exercise and be sure to maintain a firm grip at all times. This exercise works best when done on a daily basis but be sure to give the penis at least on day of rest per week to recover.

2. Penis enlargement pills.
  We have all heard of this sort of pills and the amazing claims that they advertise. The truth about these pills is that they do work but not on their own. To get the full effect of penis pills one should also perform penis exercises and maintain a proper diet and lifestyle. 

3. Penis Extenders.
  There are many different penis extenders on the market now and most of them are doctor approved to work and be save. They vary in price but are all affordable and can be used while in public.

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